Travelling Exhibit: Stories from Syria

We are more than happy to lend parts of our exhibition from Exeter to schools and community groups who are interested in looking at different stories from Syria:

Lending material includes:

  • The powerful posters by al-Shaab alsori aref tarekh, which are high-quality photographic prints of between A0/A1 size and mounted on a lightweight board.
  • They are accompanied by three texts by Robin Yassin-Kassab, author, journalist, and Syrian commentator. (Size A0)
  • The House of Wisdom and My Story: the story of Haneen, a young woman from Eastern Ghouta, who despite great heartaches finds hope in setting up a small library in her home town.
  • The chess pieces: the information story board, Giles Duley’s  photo, permission to use the ‘Held Hostage in Syria’ audio and a replica of the chess pieces the hostages made (the originals are too precious to be lent).

The following two pieces are fragile, irreplaceable and large. In some circumstances we may be able to lend them, but you would need to demonstrate where you would display them and how you would ensure their security.

  • The original graffiti artwork ‘Freedom’
  • The model of the Umayyad Mosque and accompanying information

There is normally a small charge of between £100-£200 to cover our costs.

The lender will have to arrange delivery from Hampshire and agree to cover any costs of damage incurred.

For all enquiries email