Stories from Syria: Journeys of Hope and Fear

The chess set

Making Light’s exhibition on Syria whirls into Exeter for just a few days as part of Exeter University’s Being Human Festival.

19.00pm Friday 18 November — 10.30am Thursday 24 November 2016
Exeter University, Forum Street, Stocker Road, Exeter EX4 4SX

BBC Report

In this interview with BBC News, the exhibition’s curator explains more about the exhibits, their meaning and the stories they tell.

Umayyad Mosque

Artists of Za'atari Camp

See a beautiful model of the Great Mosque of Damascus, made by an artist in Za’atari camp in Jordan and understand the project behind it.

Find out more about the artists in Za’atari camp on Facebook.

The Chess Set

Paper chess pieces made and played by western hostages held by ISIS in Raqqa.

Graphic Art

Six iconic posters of the Syrian revolution of 2011 and accompanying text by Syrian writer Robin Yassin-Kassab alongside an original graffiti stencil ‘Freedom’ by Syrian artists Ibrahim Fakhri and Zaher Omareen, commissioned earlier by the V&A and recommissioned specifically for Stories from Syria.

Find out more about the V&A project.

House of Wisdom

Syria's Secret Library

‘House of Wisdom’: a Syrian library, audio and testimony.

Syria Voices: Chinks of Light from the Shadows

Tuesday, 22 November 2016, 18:30 to 20:00
Exeter University

Listen to Dr Bashar Farahat, a Syrian paediatrician, talk about the power of words in Syria: the decades of silent fear; the language of a hope in 2011 and his own life since then.

Asfari Foundation Logo

Making Light would like to thank The Asfari Foundation, Exeter University, Bashar Farahat, Duncan Morrison, Zaher Omareen, Tracey Howe, Malu Halasa, Ibrahim Fakhri, Robin Yassin-Kassab and many more for the financial and practical support they have given, enabling us to realise this exhibition.