The Idrimi Project

This statue depicts Idrimi of Alalakh, who fled his home of Aleppo three and a half thousand years ago as a refugee.

Idrimi of Alalakh

Idrimi during the scanning process

In January 2017 the British Museum gave permission for this heavy, fragile stone sculpture to be lifted out of its case and painstakingly scanned by the digital team from Factum Foundation, enabling a perfect digital facsimile to be made and enabling us to create a full scale, detailed physical replica of this remarkable historic figure.

Making Light is working with partner organisations worldwide to invite Syrian refugees to tell whatever stories they choose to share of of their lives and homes, traditions and memories.

When the stories are gathered, we will present them in an exhibition to tour the UK, with Idrimi and other artefacts standing testament to the resilience, determination, culture and traditions of Syria past and present.